10 of the Very Best All-American Muscle Cars

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1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429

The Mustang didn’t begin life as a true muscle car. Over time, however, it grew larger and larger, and by its seventh year (1970) it was definitely more muscle car than sporty GT. The “Boss Nine” (as enthusiasts call it) was special because the engine that was stuffed into it was a homologation originally destined for NASCAR. We say “stuffed” in the literal sense, as the car had to be modified so that this massive power plant would fit under the hood. It produced a meaty 375 hp and is extremely valuable today, as only 859 of the machines were ever produced featuring this engine.

1970 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

Notice how the GTX and the preceding two cars on this list were all built in 1970? That’s because ’70 was the pinnacle of the horsepower wars and the GTX was no exception. Producing a cheek-wobbling 390 horsepower from its 440 ci V8, the GTX was loved even more thanks to the array of crazy colors you could specify when ordering one: Vitamin C Orange, Tor-red, Lime Light, In Violet… Even cooler than that, Mike D of the Beastie Boys had a ’68. Nuff said.

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