10 of the Very Best All-American Muscle Cars

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1970 Chevy Chevelle 454

If you wanted true invincibility over a quarter-mile, this was the only option in 1970. The Chevelle 454 produced an incredible, tire-spinning 450 horsepower. While that might seem laughably underwhelming now, back then it was enough to leave you needing a change of underwear. Many of the largest engines that were used for muscle car builds were initially built to go racing and the 454 was no different; its engine was based on the hugely successful 427 used in Can-Am racing – a competition famous for its lack of regulations on engine size, aerodynamics and pretty much everything else…

1963 Dodge Dart Ramcharger

Remember Chrysler’s famous Hemi engine from the C-300? Well, a few years later, it was all grown up and spitting out the power of 425 horses! Again, this was way before anyone else could come close to this kind of figure. It was still available years later, too. While the Dart was a geeky-looking little coupe that seemed more at home parked in a secretary’s driveway than out on the dragstrip, that didn’t stop it piling up the trophies – of which it won many. Frankly, this car defines everything a muscle car should be – understated, unpretentious, and ready to beat everything at the push of a pedal.

2015 Dodge Challenger

No matter how cool all the cars from the ‘70s and earlier were, the sad truth is that, even though they produced an unholy amount of power, they weren’t very efficient and their tires couldn’t really put that power into action. Now, however, it’s a completely different story, and the new Challenger (and Charger) from Dodge are here to put all that right. Each one churns out 707 hp and 650 ft-lbs of torque – over double what the originals of the ‘70s were doing – proving that Chrysler remains at the top of the pile, all those years down the line. Just make sure you buy extra tires if you do ever get behind the wheel.

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