10 Landscape Photography Lens Features you Must Know

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Before you buy a landscape photography lens, there are a few considerations you should make first. In the two images below I have explained the meaning of the numbers printed on the lenses.

nikon 28-300mm

nikon 70-200mm

The first numbers after the brand name is the focal length of the lens. The lens in the left image is a zoom with a focal length of 28-300mm. The next numbers are the aperture of the lens. It is a lens with a variable aperture of f3.6-5.6

The lens in the image to the right is also a zoom, but with a focal length of 70-200mm. This lens has a fixed aperture of f2.8 over the entire focal range.

The most important features of a landscape photography lens

When you have decided which focal length you need you will start to look into the other features of a lens. You can read about all focal length option for landscape photography lenses in this article.

1. Weight and size

Obviously the weight and size of a landscape photography lens is important. If you hike a lot, you want to carry as little weight as possible. The more light sensitive and quality built a lens is, the bigger and heavier it gets. A light sensitive lens has a bigger front element to allow more light to enter the lens. The more glass the more weight. So most of the time if you want low weight, you have to compromise on quality.

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