10 Tips That’ll Take Your Drone Photography to New Heights

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So, I suggest you use both aspect ratios and see what works better for you, or even recompose and shoot in both at the same location. Yes, it will take more time, but I think it’s worth it… especially later in post-production when you have more flexibility in choosing the right shot for your portfolio.

3. Bracketing is the King

Rome, Italy

Braketing with 5 Shots

This is a really awesome feature, and I am glad the Phantom has it. Bracketing serves a few purposes for me.

1. If I made a mistake in assessing the correct exposure, then I can choose the right one from 3 to 5 bracketed photos I’ve taken.

2. I also use them to create HDR images (not that eye-poping-over-the-top-saturated-100-%-hdrs, but more like an intelligent HDR).

In that case, the bracketing is an absolute must. In fact 95% of my shots are bracketed shots, so I can bring shadows back later or bring out highlights even more if necessary, instead of having only one option from a single shot.

4. P (auto) and M (manual) Mode


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