10 Tips That’ll Take Your Drone Photography to New Heights

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I almost always shoot in Manual mode. This lets me choose the lowest possible ISO as well as the shutter speed I desire. The DJI app does not let you know if you have over or under-exposed your picture like a traditional camera would; there is also no half-released shutter button, unfortunately. So you would need to rely on histogram or use this trick:

First, switch to P mode and see what DJI auto mode is offering you, then switch back to M and build on what you saw in P mode.

5. ISO, How Low Can You Go


My advice on this subject is simple: always to shoot at the lowest possible ISO, which happens to be 100 on Phantom 3. This lets you minimize the noise in your photos, plain and simple. Of course, you need to be aware of shake when shooting during the night and use common sense. I would not recommend going over 3sec exposure; if you end up needing a longer exposure, I’d advise you to go higher on your ISO in order to stay in that 3sec range.

6. Shaking of the Drone & Night Photography

Moscow with a 3sec exposure

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