12 Mobile Phone Photography Tips for More Dynamic Images

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This second image was shot inches away from the flower and this lovely honeybee posed for me too!

Get up off your chair and physically move closer to the subject. So many phone shots I see are just too far away and the subject is lost. This is due in part to the phone having a fairly wide-angle lens. The reason you don’t want to use the zoom on the camera is that the image quality will suffer greatly. That’s fine for a snapshot of your cat sleeping in a funny spot, but when you want to create better images avoid using the zoom.

2. Use a Pro Camera app

Some mobile phones have a built-in Pro function for the camera. I have a Samsung S7 and this option is easily accessed with a quick left swipe when the camera is opened. If your phone doesn’t have this feature, look for an app that is compatible with that model.

This is what the Pro Camera app looks like on my phone. You can see in the right image that I can adjust (in order from left to right) the ISO, the shutter speed, add exposure compensation (-0.4 is shown here), change the picture style (like Vivid, Faded, etc.), white balance and the focus mode.

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