12 Mobile Phone Photography Tips for More Dynamic Images

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Second, look for side lighting or cross light on your subject. Light coming from the side at an angle will bring out any texture in the subject and add depth and dimension to your images. It’s one thing for the subject to have texture, it’s another for you to highlight it and make it stand out in the image. Soft flat light will make even the bumpiest, gnarliest tree bark seem 2-dimensional.

Side lighting here brings out the texture in this squash leaf. Who knew they were so pretty?!

4. Turn off the flash

This one is closely related to the point above. Any time light comes directly from the camera angle it flattens out the features and any texture in the subject. This is what creates red-eye and that deer in the headlights look which is undesirable. Tthe same is true of your built-in flash on your regular big camera too by the way!

The size of the light source also matters, and the smaller it is the harsher and less interesting the lighting will be. So using the flash on your phone is almost never a good idea. If you need more light carry a small flashlight or ask a friend to use the light on their phone to add light to the scene – from the side!

Shot using only natural light. It was past sunset and the camera used ISO 1250 and f/1.7 here so it’s got a lot of noise/grain in the image. This one was processed in Lightroom to remove the noise.

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