12 Mobile Phone Photography Tips for More Dynamic Images

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This is what happened when I turned the flash on and used the camera’s Auto mode. There is NO processing here, this is right out of the camera. The camera used f/1.7 again but this time ISO 50, so all the lighting in this image is from the small flash direct from the camera.

In this image, I had my husband use the flashlight on his phone to add some sidelight to the flower. The camera settings ended up at ISO 200, f/1.7 again. Similar to the shot above, all the lighting here is from the flashlight. But because it’s coming from the side, not from the camera angle there is more texture in the flower and detail in the background as well.

So turn off the flash and only use it when you have no other options. But you’ll have to¬†realize¬†and accept that the photo will probably not be a work of art though.

Here’s another example of with and without flash.

Without the flash.

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