12 Ways to Improve Your Travel Photography from Start to Finish

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9) Check all your gear before leaving

A no-brainer. Make sure that your batteries, memory cards and chargers are all packed up and checked before hitting the road or the plane. If you forgot them, you might be able to buy them while on travel, but if not, then you’re screwed.

While travelling

8) Get the “postcard” shots first

Typical for travel photography, people often expect you to get the cliché, postcard shots that are iconic to each city. While you might not like the over-photographied postcard shots, your friends and family are expecting you to show these shots to them when you get back. By getting the postcard shots covered first, you are now free to let your creativity take over and shoot for the rest of your trip more creatively.

7) Tour the place like a local

Obviously, tourists often gather in highly crowded places designed for them. But if you wish to improve your travel photography, you’ve got explore like a local too. No, I am not saying that all tourist hotspots are inherently bad and that local neighbourhoods are a must, but you arguably have a much higher chance to take better and more creative pictures in lesser-known places.

6) Shoot in aperture priority mode

For pure manual fans out there, this one might be controversial. Speed and efficiency is king in travel photography, and while modern RAW converters can easily salvage a +- 3EV shot nowadays, if you accidentally forget to adjust your shutter speed while entering a dimly lit room, you’re in trouble. For most of us out there, our camera meters are more than good enough for properly exposed shots. If you absolutely need control over both shutter speed and aperture, “manual” mode with auto-ISO might be a good compromise given how good at noise control recent cameras have been. Leave the full manual mode for panoramas.

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