12 Ways to Improve Your Travel Photography from Start to Finish

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On the same note, what distinguishes good photographers from great photographers is mainly in what they show. While the good photographer might edit 20 out of 100 shots and show 5 of them to the public, a great photographer might edit 20 out of 100 shots and only show 2 of them to the public. Edit your good shots, and show only the cream of the crop! Remember, no one will judge you for the pictures you didn’t show.

1) Do something with your shots!

Print them. Share them. Make an album out of them. No matter what you are going to do with them, please do something! Yes, some people like photos sitting in their hard drives, but printing your shots is vastly better than viewing them on a computer monitor, especially for large format prints (24 x 36 and higher). Have you ever heard of that photographer who regretted making prints out of his shots? No? No. Then neither will you.

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