13 Tips to Help You Take Beautiful Landscape Photography

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Who doesn’t like seeing a stunning landscape shot. Whether it is in a magazine or newspaper, online or even as a framed poster, landscape photos have the power to stun the viewer. Here are 13 tips to help you capture stunning landscape photos.

Find the Perfect Location

The most important thing in landscape photography is the LOCATION. Do you want to photograph the Grand Canyon or capture the sunset from Sunset Point, California? Whatever the case be, you first have to picture it in your mind and explore the options as to which positions can give you the best pictures ever.

You can choose a top of a cliff or a field of flowers in a village as your subject. This decision will have an impact on the story, style and uniqueness of your landscape photographs.

Don’t limit yourself to the subject and the location. Explore more areas near your decided location. In this manner, you will get more unexpected landscapes to shoot. And if you are running out of ideas, just pull out Google Maps. It provide so much information about locations that you can easily look for the best options for your landscape photography.

Timing Is Key

Most people will tell you that the best time for landscape photography is either early morning or late afternoon in the time called the “golden hour”. This is because a sunny day the light is soft and golden and can really enhance shadows and give the whole scene a warm and beautiful glow.

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