6 Tips for shooting Ultra Wide Angle Street Photography

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2. Watch the edges of your frame…

This is something that most people tend to forget, but shouldn’t. Why not? For two reasons.

First Reason

As mentioned before, unwanted elements tend to pop into your frame from the edges of your composition. So, make sure you watch those edges and adjust your composition accordingly.

Second Reason

if the elements at the edges of your frame are close enough to you, that means logically that your subject will be even closer which is a good thing.

3. Play with your P.O.V….

Try shooting from the ground with a “rat’s eye view”, or from the hip, or even from above! You can also try shooting upside down or any other different way you can think of. Even a small tilt of your lens can have a dramatic effect on your photo. After all photography is all about experimenting, isn’t it?

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