6 Tips for shooting Ultra Wide Angle Street Photography

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6. Shoot your heart out…

And my last but not least tip is to shoot shoot and shoot again. You can be a Street Photographer with “e-learning” but what you should really do is to be out there yourself and giving it your best go. Everything else comes from practice.


At this point, even after I have shared these 6 tips to help you master your Ultra Wide lens for the Streets, you will still find that the first and maybe second time that you shoot with an Ultra Wide you will feel like you can’t use your camera. You will feel like you can’t compose, or you will look with wonder at all those elements around the edges of your frame that are just making your photo look like a mess. Don’t be discouraged.

Ultra Wide Angle Street Photography needs a lot of practice and needs complete dedication. To train your eye you must stop using any other type of lens for a period of time. Dedicate yourself to the Ultra Wide. Start seeing in Ultra Wide. Then, you will start feeling your focal distance and you will get better and better. So don’t give up, don’t deviate from your goal, put Ultra Wide in gear and start shooting!

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