Adding Epic Scale To Your Landscape Photography

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What I love about shooting with my iPhone is its portability. However, a fixed focus lens can make taking epic landscape photos more challenging. Especially when trying to make them look as impressive through the phone as they do in person. So how do we overcome challenges in image quality, depth of field, or scale? How do we make the mountain look as impressive through our phone as it does in person? In this post, I’ll break down three aspects of photography that will help you demonstrate scale in your own photos.

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1. Framing the Subject

What I find inspiring about landscape photography is the endless opportunities to frame unique shots. The combination of the natural elements like mountains, canyons, and water help to compose the image. While changing the angle of your camera creates entirely different photos, from nearly the same location.

Framing uses your natural surroundings to lead your eye to what you want to highlight in the image. The reason this can be so powerful in landscape photography is because landscapes can overwhelm the eye. By focusing the viewer to something within the landscape whether it be a person, a peak, or even a reflection, you are able to showcase the landscape’s scale in a more meaningful way.

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