Adding Epic Scale To Your Landscape Photography

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Epic Scale Landscape 2

Center framing is a standard place to start wherein the mountain peak or the subject is in the center of the image. If you look at the shots of Castle Mountain, particularly of the ones where the skateboarder is riding down the road with the mountain in the distance, the trees act as a natural frame so that your eye immediately focuses on what’s in the center of the photo – the skateboarder and the mountain peak.

That being said, I’ve still managed to play with my composition by putting the skateboarder in the center of the image but also in line with the mountain peak so that your eye gets drawn to both. With the skateboarder and mountain directly in line, the comparison between the two makes the mountain even larger despite how far away it is from the photographer (as well as the skateboarder).

Epic Scale Landscape 3

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