Adding Epic Scale To Your Landscape Photography

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Off-center framing is perhaps a less intuitive way to frame a shot, but can lead to more interesting compositions. In this photo taken at Abraham Lake, the rock face is framing the portrait so that your eye goes to the top half of the image where the subject is looking out over the lake. By framing the image this way, your eye is led in a line from the textures in the rock to the person in the photo. It creates a diagonal line of interest in an otherwise vertical photograph. By playing with both where the subject is in the photo and what natural elements you use to frame your subject, in this case the rock and the water, I was able to make the photo more interesting.

Epic Scale Landscape 4

2. Playing With Light

Light is incredibly powerful in all photography and this extends to landscape photography, as well. The way it creates natural highlights and shadows within the scene can add both depth and intrigue. But what I love most about natural light is that it has so much to teach someone when it comes to photography. Spending time outside and observing how the sun creates highlights and casts shadows, you can better learn how light affects images.

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Overcast Days and Indirect Sunlight

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