The Crucial Computer Science Skills Employers Are Craving

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4. Professionalism

Some tech companies are famous for their informal vibes, but no matter what you know about the place you are applying for—show the utmost professionalism. This can apply to how you dress, how you carry yourself and how you talk about your experiences.

“Refrain from using words like ‘exceptional’ about yourself unless you can prove that you are far above the curve,” Vancil advises, urging job hunters in technology to also clean up their social media. Consider how you want to be seen by employers and make sure your presence—in person and online—is professional. As appealing as it might be to thumb your nose at convention, take the time to self-evaluate your demeanor and online presence through the eyes of a stranger and ask yourself, “Would I trust this person with important work?”

The less-common computer science skills employers love to see

Now that you have a good idea of how a Computer Science applicant can meet job requirements and satisfy interviewers, let’s take a look at a few of the things our experts wish they saw more often from job applicants.

1. Code navigation

“One of the most underrated skills for programmers is what I call code navigation—being able to find your way around a project,” Soylu says. “I’ve seen many novice programmers get lost in codebases because they haven’t practiced this skill enough.” He suggests finding a project on GitHub, downloading its code and trying to change some basic behavior. “For example, adding a built-in command that prints ‘Hello, world’ to your favorite shell program can be a nice start.”

It might seem like a relatively small thing, but being able to analyze and pick up what’s going on with existing code is an important part of programming. You’re not likely to work on an app alone and employers would love to keep handoff-related downtime to minimum.

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