The Crucial Computer Science Skills Employers Are Craving

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2. An online portfolio

Having a portfolio of projects that employers can access just might tip the scales in your favor. “Websites, libraries, games or any projects candidates can provide when applying for a job is always a big differentiator,” Soylu says. “And if they are open source, that’s even better, because the recruiter will be able to assess how you code.” Soylu says even beyond the work itself, a portfolio also demonstrates courage and the discipline to finish a project.

3. Deployment strategy

“I think a lot of applicants come out of college with a great knowledge of algorithms, languages and data structures, but most of them have never had to deploy a large-scale application in the real world,” Carlson says. “Learning how to think about development and technical architecture in a way that maps to a deployment strategy is something I rarely see.”

Carlson says the exceptions to this are when students have worked on a project outside of school and have gained experience deploying it and serving actual customers. This kind of experience makes extracurricular projects and internships valuable additions to your resume.

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