What Is Python Programming Language?

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How Does Python Compare to Perl?

Python is an excellent language for large or complex programming projects. Integral to programming in any language is making the code easy for the next programmer to read and maintain. It takes great effort to keep Perl and PHP programs readable. Where Perl gets unruly after 20 or 30 lines, Python remains neat and readable, making even the largest projects easy to manage.

With its readability, ease of acquisition and extensibility, Python offers much faster application development. In addition to easy syntax and substantial processing abilities, Python is sometimes said to come with “batteries included” because of its extensive library, a repository of pre-written code that works out of the box.

The commands and syntax of Python differ from other interpreted languages. PHP is increasingly displacing Perl as the lingua franca of web development. However, more than either PHP or Perl, Python is much easier to read and to follow. At least one downside which PHP shares with Perl is its squirrely code. Because of the syntax of PHP and Perl, it is much harder to code programs that exceed 50 or 100 lines. Python, on the other hand, has readability hard-wired into the fabric of the language. The readability of Python makes programs easier to maintain and extend.

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